Faith Revival Tour – Report

The Revival Tour kicked off in Johannesburg on Sunday, October 9 at Ps Nicky van der Westhuizen’s church, NBCFC. The place was packed with people with people in both the main auditorium and in the overflow – the atmosphere was electric! Ps André spoke on our heavenly reservoir and the response was overwhelming! That evening the service moved to Christian Family Church attended by around 2000 people hungry for revival. The morning meeting on Monday was attended by about 600 people; Roy Fields ministered, and the anointing flowed into a powerful time of ministry! Monday night Ps Nicky ministered, and awesome healings and miracles took place!

The entire team was treated by the owner of “The Waffler”, one of the restaurants in the CFC mall, to some delectable waffles and ice cream! We prayed and blessed all their staff – He was so touched by the time we took to bless him and his staff that he took the full payment we had given him for our meals and sowed it right back into the Revival.

From Johannesburg the tour moved to The Jesus Dome in Durban. The attendance was incredible, with people lining up at the doors for each of the meetings. The time in Durban was kicked off by Ps André speaking on the coming cloud (glory of God) with powerful ministry time! The second meeting saw Roy Fields ministering the word, while powerful healings and miracles were manifested at the third meeting led by Ps Nicky.

The tour went on the Emalahleni for the 8th stop, where Ps André preached a powerful message on the woman with the issue of blood, and the example of attaching yourself to Jesus! The response was wild! After Ps Nicky delivered a powerful message on the Presence of God, some of the miracles that took place was a lady who came in with a walker and got healed – walking out without it, and deaf ears healed…just awesome!

The meetings in Polokwane were awesome! The people were so hungry and receptive, and the attendances were outstanding! For those attending, and those who were watching the live broadcast, it was sight to behold to see Roy Fields doing a cartwheel on stage during the song “I am free”. Ps Jenny ministered at the morning meeting (The Treasure Within) – and hands were laid on everyone in the building. Ps Nicky ministered in the evening and the worship erupted – spontaneous worship, every member of the band on the floor, the crowd caught up in the Presence of God and the fire of God started breaking out all over – the glory of the Lord was in the place – just awesome! The final meeting was attended by Julius Malema and his wife.