October 2022!!

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and mighty power to REVIVE His church in these last days!  His resurrection power is alive inside of us and we cause it to flow into every area of our lives when we take Him at His Word and choose to believe!

October 22 is marked for REVIVAL!!!!  Hallelujah! No matter where you are in the world – you can follow the trail of Holy Ghost fire that is being burned across the nation of South Africa this very month!  If you have not yet downloaded the FaithNow app – NOW is the time to do it!  Every meeting of our REVIVAL TOUR will be broadcast LIVE on the app – so you don’t have to miss out on ANYTHING!!!

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If you are in the nation of South Africa – by now you should have registered to attend the Revival  meetings scheduled for your province, and the grand finale of the REVIVAL TOUR to be held in the Great Faith Dome, in East London!

It’s not too late! You can still register today!

Jenny and I felt it fitting to encourage and remind you of the resurrection power that’s available to us to live in victory, through the finished work of the cross.  This victory infiltrates every area of our lives when we recognise and acknowledge that we must first die to everything of our old nature to live in the glorious one we have in Jesus!

Surrendering to the manifest Presence of Jesus causes a refining fire to burn away every sin and wrong mindset that prevents us from living in this new identity we have in Christ! This is REVIVAL!

Let’s take a look at Philippians 3:11, “That if possible I may attain to the [spiritual and moral] resurrection [that lifts me] out from among the dead [even while in the body].” (AMPC).

Paul received the revelation of exactly what happens to every believer the moment we surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  In the spirit realm, our old, sinful, selfish nature is nailed to the cross with Jesus.

There was nothing easy, or pleasant on that cross for Jesus.  “That cross of old Roman times knew no compromise; …He was alive when they hung Him on that cross and completely dead when they took Him down six hours later.” (A.W. Tozer – The Radical Cross).  The cruelty of the cross was severe and final.  When that cross brought Christ’s life to an end, it also crucified, and brought to an end our first life, the old nature we had before we knew Jesus. When that life died, so did every legal hold and accusation the devil had over us!

Then, the same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead, raised us too! That new life surged into our spirits, creating a brand new nature that resembles the resurrected, victorious Jesus!  Paul often refers to the need for us to continuously walk in the revelation that we can experience the power of the resurrection life of Jesus when we share in His sufferings; referring to His death on the cross! We simply can’t have one without the other!

Does that mean we have to die the same brutal, physical death Jesus died?  No! It means our old nature that was under the control of the devil to sin MUST die and REMAIN dead!

There is absolutely nothing about our old nature that should be allowed to live again in us! Not if we are going to live in the fullness of life, power, authority and victory Jesus paid for us to have.

We do this by making a decision to die to our old nature, and yield to the power of the Holy Spirit to keep that nature dead!  Welcoming and surrendering to the refining fire of the Holy Spirit causes all those old ties with our past life to burn off our lives.

God’s fire also sets alight a fervent passion to love and know God more!  It stirs within us an insatiable hunger for His Word which becomes alive to us – keeping our thoughts and attitudes aligned with the truth of Who He is and what our new identity is in Him!

This is what releases a holy boldness to wash over us and releases a pure, Holy Ghost joy to well up and overflow from inside us!  We also begin to understand the power and authority invested in the Name of Jesus – and the privilege and right we have been given to use that Name!

It’s time to let the fire of God burn inside us so we are sanctified by it – ever ready to meet Him in the clouds.  And while He tarries, we will keep advancing His kingdom in great power as we carry His Name and declare His will.  Destroying the work of the devil and ministering life over all people, everywhere we go is our purpose until He returns!

REVIVAL IS HERE! This is our time to shine with the glory of the Lord burning brightly in and through us! See you soon on the REVIVAL TOUR!