Old Out, New In

Old out – New in

by Waldo Malan

Changing an old habit takes some work and effort and it certainly doesn’t happen in a day. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to believe that breaking an old habit is simply a matter of a change of mind or heart. Yes, certainly it starts there, but to get lasting results it cannot stay there. So, the first step is to recognize that a habit is harmful, weigh its consequences on future life, and then decide to change that. Step two, in my opinion, is to go “cold turkey”, in other words, step away from that habit as if it is something bad, monstrous, and infinitely evil.

With the decision to step away from an old (bad) habit, and breaking ties with the action, does not automatically remove the desire that remains to fall back into old ways. To combat the desire of an old habit we need to replace that with something else. Now, whatever we choose to replace the “old thing” with, will innately carry the power to become a “new habit.” So, choose carefully what you replace it with! If the “old” was “evil” then the “new” must be “good.”

I have come to see through experience that the “good” always has to fall on the Manual of Life; some people call it by other names, such as, The Holy Bible, or The Word of God.

The Manual contains all “good” while at the same time exposing all “evil.” It will highlight habits that are destructive and negative, and offer alternatives that are uplifting and positive.

Do you struggle with some “old stuff” in your life? Do you think it is time to exchange that with some “new stuff”? Well, you and I both!

Evil habits out to destroy your life – family, friends, relationships, vision, dreams – has only your death in mind. And that is not a death with RIP, but a death with “I got ya!”

No more!

The Manual spells out a life of joy, love, peace, and a never-ending supply of grace, provision and mercy. Yes to the “new”!

Ready for the exchange?