Faith TV USA on DirectTV

It is with great excitement and anticipation that Faith TV USA is launched on DirecTV, literally adding 8,5 million new homes to our broadcast footprint.

Industry standards calculate that at 340 million viewers in that footprint. While it is true that this is only a potential viewership, and that we will have to keep working hard at commanding our percentage of that potential, it does give us the motivation to continue spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everywhere we can!

Imagine the increased impact that we can have now in the kingdom of God! Imagine the many people that will now hear the Gospel proclaimed right in their own homes! Imagine the privilege God has granted us to tell His Story to the world (and now also a concentrated in North America)! Imagine the significant opportunities for people to meet, get to know, and remain in the presence of their own Creator!

The vision birthed by God in  hearts of Ps André & Jenny now has found a new avenue of exploration, discovery and fulfillment.

We stand in awe of what God has accomplished through the team at Faith Broadcasting Network since its humble beginnings in 2002. Now, 21 years later, Faith Broadcasting Network is broadcast, and can be seen virtually in every corner of the world – and yes, its not about the network but really about what the network is proclaiming: Jesus Christ! Our growth over these two decades can be attributed to a dedicated team of workers as well as an army of partners who have bought into the vision and supported us through their prayers and donations. Together we are in the army of God!

We praise God continually for this expansion!!