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Abundant August

Abundant August Praise the Lord!  To everyone who attended Revival 4.0 in the Great Faith Dome, in Buffalo City, South Africa – we want to thank you for making the trip to celebrate with us!  It was undoubtably one of the most glorious weeks we have had yet! To those who watched the services over the social media platforms or on television, we believe the power that was manifest and...

Jubilee July

FREE AT LAST!  Hallelujah! We are certainly living in times where the church of Jesus Christ is being awakened to live and operate in the freedom and authority we have been given through the finished work of the cross, and our covenant relationship we have with our God! We are so excited to celebrate this freedom with all our partners in South Africa, as we officially take occupation of the...

June Newsletter

Can you believe this year has already reached the half-way mark? While it may be true that the world around us is reeling from the adverse after effects of a world pandemic, God has and is proving Himself faithful to His nature and Word! He is as generous as He is personal! Let’s take a look at the generous nature of our God. To begin with, let’s consider His Name....

A Legacy from God

FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK – 20th ANNIVERSARY May 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Faith Broadcasting Network. The preceding 20 years is a testimony to the goodness of God and the manifestation of the power of His Word and Holy Spirit. Christian television on the continent of Africa has grown extensively since 2000, both on satellite as well as terrestrially. The forerunner to this explosion was the introduction of Christian television...

Fab Feb

Even though day, month, or year alliterations border on the passé, the circles I move in have declared ‘Fabulous February’. By this we allude our belief that the month of February is going to be somewhat special, a little out of the ordinary, and probably exceptional as far as our encounters with God go! Traditionally, because of Valentine’s Day, February has always been considered – at least in the Western...


Psalm 37:4 (TPT) – “Find your delight and true pleasure in Yahweh, and he will give you what you desire the most.” In this scripture verse there are three words that stand out to me the most, and from a first look are integrally connected. The words are delight, pleasure, and desire. So, I thought it may be a worthwhile pastime to ponder these (some selah moments) and take encouragement from...

Over The Top

The expression “over the top” or OTT for short, is most often used to indicate a person, object or event being something beyond the normal. It is over-and-above, way-beyond-normal, above-and-beyond, beyond reasonable limits, and outlandish. One may be inclined to ask where this inclination towards OTT expressiveness comes from? Anything from a flamboyant person dressing in an OTT-fashion or purchasing a house or car that would be considered OTT and extraordinary. The simple...

Atmosphere – Worship Experience



by JOSIAH MALAN We often hear the word “legacy” being thrown out in conversation, but more often than not our understanding remains superficial. Legacy is something that impacts generations, cities, businesses, ministries, and families. A legacy is a powerful gift to leave behind, even more powerful than an inheritance. While an inheritance is something that could be spent and used up, legacy is a spiritual investment that continues to bear...


Our daily walk of faith should include 3 essential steps: repentance, restoration and revival. It all starts with repentance, that of changing gears from self (help, reliance, plans, doing good and so forth) to top gear with God (His character, plans and ways!)

Speak what you believe

Your world is not framed by what the world says, your world is framed by your words. It doesn’t matter what’s going on with the economy or within your nation. What matters is what’s coming out of your mouth! If you don’t speak the word of God, you can believe all you want; it will never come to pass because you don’t speak what you believe. _ J.B Whitfield “By...


I recently received an unsolicited mail in my inbox, declaring that the month of April is National Decorating Month. It was interesting since our home is currently undergoing various decorating changes, not because of any national day, but simply because we needed to “tidy up” and make the home look “cool”. So, sanding, scraping, painting and general deep cleaning is the order of the day for us. It was then...