August 2023 Newsletter

Bless the Lord! He is faithful and true, and all His ways are perfect! He is our covenant keeping God, and we want to encourage and build your faith as we remind you that He is completely trustworthy in every way, and in all things concerning you!

We also want to thank you for the tremendous love and support you have faithfully given this ministry. Our heart’s desire has always been to have a tool or platform to showcase to the world, the true nature of our glorious Heavenly Father, the Lordship of our victorious Savior, Jesus Christ, His Son, and the manifest presence of His Precious Holy Spirit. This is what we aim to do every single day of our lives, through the network and related ministry platforms He has blessed us with!

We do believe Jesus’ return is imminent, and so we are holding nothing back! We are boldly declaring the full Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world, and will continue to do so until He comes to fetch His bride. Which is why we want to encourage you to keep the faith! Walk humbly before the Lord, always being eager and willing to do whatever He says, knowing that your surrender to His will positions you for His glory to operate in and through you in this world.

The scripture we want to highlight for you today is Hebrews 11:8, “It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance. He went without knowing where he was going.” (NLT).

Abraham’s faith in God was nothing less than remarkable! He chose to leave everything that was familiar to him, to follow a God he could not see, to a land he did not know, without any clear, mapped out travel plan. How did he do it? I believe it wasn’t just that Abraham heard God’s voice and trusted in His character enough to obey Him one instruction at a time. He knew that God believed in him so much that He committed Himself to a covenant relationship which was eternally binding. God’s commitment to us, His covenant children, is more than enough reason for us to wholeheartedly surrender all and follow Him. Even when we don’t know all the details up front, His investment in us gives us reason to trust Him to lead, protect, and provide for us each step of our journey. God believes in us, because He has placed Himself in us – with everything we will ever need to succeed in His perfect plan for our lives (Ephesians 1:3).

That’s why we must, just like Abraham did, align ourselves with God’s covenant lifestyle! Everything concerning that lifestyle revolves around FAITH! We need to always be thinking, speaking, and acting in line with it. In order for us to have thoughts full of faith we must spend time meditating on God’s word far more than we meditate on anything else. God’s word is alive and full of power and keeps our thoughts in line with His own (John 6:63, Hebrews 4:12). Faith also has a distinct language and attitude – it’s always marked by thanksgiving and gratitude. It’s impossible for doubt and fear to cohabitate with thankfulness! A great way to get ourselves into the habit of speaking like covenant people is to mention the phrase, “I’m so grateful” in our conversations and to begin every spontaneous prayer to the Lord with the words, “Thank You Lord!”. This keeps our prayers filled with faith and not words that beg or complain. Faith has a way of acting too, it’s called obedience. We simply obey what the word tells us to do, and act on whatever the Holy Spirit prompts us to do. That’s what keeps it alive in us! The Bible says faith without works, or a corresponding action, is dead (James 2:26).

Jenny and I believe with all our hearts that it’s time to take our covenant of faith more seriously. We want to be counted with Abraham, and so many other men and women of God that through faith and patience inherited and walked in the reality of everything God had promised them. And we want to take you on that journey of faith along with us!

The best way we can do this together is by our partnership in the vision God has given us! We want to be able to make sound, powerful, faith filled programs available to people all over the world, on a platform that is easily available and not going to be controlled or censored by the world. That platform is FaithNOW! If you haven’t already downloaded and subscribed to it, we urge you to do so now! There is a small subscription fee which you can see as a seed sown into the kingdom – because it literally enables us to extend the reach and effectiveness of this platform to all the places it needs to go. If you have already signed up, remember you can have up to 5 different devices using this wonderful platform off of just one subscription! Please share the link below with your family and friends so they can benefit from the marvellous programs, podcasts, movies, and so much more!

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We love and appreciate you so much, and are always excited to encourage you in your faith, with the intention of seeing you living in the fullness of everything Jesus paid for you to live in – being ready and expectant for His soon coming return!