Behind the Scenes – Faith Today Live

It is incredible to think that as I am writing this blog the Faith Today LIVE show has been running for over 60 days non-stop! And yes, I agree that the word incredible is rather non-faith sounding. So let me rephrase – it is absolutely credible to stand at a point where the power of the Holy Spirit has sustained us to bring a message of hope to our viewers all across the world!

What is amazing is that the global pandemic lockdown, due to the COVID19 virus, has forced our hand and creativity in finding ways to continue spreading the gospel despite restrictions being implemented. While the restrictions are in place to safeguard the health of people, it also revealed far more negative implication through social interactions being hampered, and as a result, church services being closed down.

However, while restrictions apply on earth, they are no match for the power of God and His very, very credible love for people. So, thanks be to God for using technology and willing people to continue the encouragement only His love can bring.

Faith Today LIVE has become an anchor for many of our viewers as borne out by the number of testimonies and reports we have received over the last 2 months and more. We acknowledge that it is not the program itself, but rather that the program has become a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to minister to people! We have experienced a spike in salvations, healings, encouragements and just general well-being. Despite the fact that we were not meeting as a physical congregation, we are still meeting as a digital/online community focused in heart and mind on the Word of God.

I thought it may be of interest to our viewers to “meet the team” behind the program. The team is comprised of two parts – the first being the studio/production team in the USA, and the second being our broadcast/technical team in South Africa.

In the USA we sport a very young group of people. There are three camera operators, ages 11, 15 and 17; we have an 18-year old teen boy on sound, our production manager is ‘more mature’ at 46, but his assistant is 15. With the majority of the team younger than 20 it is a feat that deserves applause! Wow, the grace of God!

In South Africa the team is comprised of a sound engineer, final control operators, live titles, traffic control, social media, VOD and IT support. Keeping a check on the operations is the director of broadcast services, making sure everything goes smoothly. The entire team is overseen by our VP of Operations in the USA, who also happens to be the technical expertise behind the entire workflow, as well as production manager in the live studio, as well as the general trainer for the new and younger members! Talk about wearing many hats!

The program you get to watch every day is a testament to God’s Word: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity… for there the Lord commanded the blessing – life forevermore (Ps 133:1-3).